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February 2, 2015

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Present your loving heart, extend your two hands.   Let our body, heart and spirit become healthier.

About Longevitology

What Is Longevitology
Mission Statement and History
How It Works: Benefits
How It Works: How You Can Participate

What Is Longevitology

Longevitology (Chang Sen Xue in Chinese, which translates as "study of long life") is one of several healing modalities intended to adjust energy flow throughout the body to improve the body's ability to heal itself.

The general theory of health and illness underlying Longevitology is the same as in other forms of Asian medicine: Good health is the result of energy (referred to as Ch'i, Qi or Prana) and blood flowing smoothly through the organ systems of the body; illness results when the flow of ch'i is disrupted. When proper energy flow has been restored, conditions are optimized for the body to heal. The body lives in a rich field of universal yang energy. Just as a healthy body draws oxygen into the lungs to breathe, it also draws in universal energy to replenish itself. It does so through points on the body, neural plexes called chakras. Chakras are the body’s power centers, energizing cells and organs so they can function. Each chakra governs the functioning of a different organ system. When all chakras are operating properly, metabolism will be efficient, the immune system will be effective, and waste and toxins will be readily excreted.

In Longevitology, Master Lin Tzu-Chen and Wei Yu-Feng opens the student’s chakras to receive this universal energy. Students are taught how use this energy to heal themselves and others of common ailments.

Mission Statement and History

History and mission of the organization:
The Longevitology Benevolent Foundation Preparatory Committee is a not-for-profit organization founded in Taiwan in 1993 by Dr. Tom Lin. (The corresponding United States not-for-profit, which is based in California, is Longevitology USA.) The goal of the organization is to train individuals to reach out with loving hands to help others suffering from pain, illness and distress by means of Longevitology energy adjustments. The organization’s work has been carried out by Master Teachers Tzu-Chen Lin and Yu-Feng Wei since its inception.

With love, compassion and commitment, Master Teachers Tzu-Chen Lin and Master Yu-Feng Wei travel globally to teach Longevitology classes free of charge to anyone who wishes to learn. Classes are held in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Germany, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, Tahiti, Taiwan and the United States annually or semi-annually. Already, more than a hundred thousand students have learned how to give Longevitology energy adjustments.

Check for upcoming classes here.

How It Works: Benefits

People who received Longevitology energy adjustments reported the following common benefits:

  • Calmness;
  • Reduced stress;
  • Pain relief; deeper, more restful sleep;
  • Increased energy;
  • Relief from migraines, tension headaches and back pain;
  • Increase mental alertness;
  • Faster healing of injuries,
  • Regular elimination;
  • Shrinking of tumors;
  • Improved quality of life,
  • Among others.

It is important to note that the energy adjustments do not cure or treat any diseases and are not a substitution for regular medical care. By restoring energy balance, they may promote the body’s ability to heal itself.

How It Works: How You Can Participate

Master/Teacher Lin Tzu-Chen and Wei Yu-Feng travel throughout the world annually to teach Longevitology.

Courses are taught in Mandarin and English translation is available in some locations.

Please see the schedule for the upcoming class in your area. Registration is based on first come first serve. Contact the person listed for details regarding the class.

There are 3 classes: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Longevitology. Each class is approximately 10-12 hours that are held in the evenings and/or weekend over a three-day period. The Beginning and Intermediate Class is offered twice annually in some locations. The Advanced Course is offered every two years. Detailed, written course materials are provided to students during class (courtesy of the Longevitology Benevolent Foundation Preparatory Committee).

Beginning Class:
Students will have 30% of their chakras open: 2 chakras will be opened at each day of the Beginning Class. Students will learn and practice a simple mindfulness-meditation technique called "sitting meditation," which focuses on the breath. They hear lectures on the theory, techniques, and ethics of Longevitology, share their own experiences with energy adjustments, and ask questions.

After attending the Beginning class, students can start doing adjustments on themselves.

Intermediate Class:
The Masters/Teachers re-open the students' chakras and the energy level is increased another 30%. Once (re-)opened, the chakras can be kept open through daily meditation and giving energy adjustments to others. In the Intermediate Class, students would have energy to start adjusting for others. In the course, the students will also be taught various hand positions to perform the adjustments as well as have an opportunity to practice adjustments for various illnesses and health challenges.

Advanced Class:
Students’ chakras again will be open and the energy level is magnified by another 40%. In the Advanced Class, students will learn how to perform distant healings (i.e., over the phone), and learn advanced healing techniques and perform adjustments on more serious illnesses.

Just as the teachers give their skills free of charge, they request that the Longevitology student/practitioners whom they train do the same. Longevitology practitioners are all volunteers and do not derive their incomes from giving energy adjustments or selling related products or services.

Longevitology is not a business; nothing is bought or sold. It is not a religion, and it has no political aspirations. Longevitology groups are present in several nations, including Taiwan, the US, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Austria and Belgium.