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Testimonials submitted by volunteers

Due to the change of global environment, many Taiwan entrepreneurs invested in China. I also followed the trend and invested in China. This new environment had created a tremendous pressure on me, since I needed to learn all the laws, business management styles and etc.

The day before I planned to fly back to Taiwan to attend the advanced Longivitology class, my friend came to visit me around 4:00 pm. My friend and family noticed my face and mouth were crooked. I could not raise my left hand or leg. My goodness, I got a stroke. (My mom had a stroke that paralyzed her right side for the rest of her life). My colleague adjusted me for the entire night. When I got up the next morning, I could move freely. After I came back to Taiwan, I went to the hospital for a checkup. The doctor could not find out anything wrong with me. My colleague asked doctor for an MRI and there was a 20 cc blood clot in my stem cell that could not be operated on. The odd thing is I did not feel any discomfort. I was under observation in the hospital for a week. During those time periods, Teacher Wei, Teacher Lin and other volunteers came to the hospital to adjust me. I was out of the hospital in a week.

During this incident, everyone had witnessed a miracle. Longevitology can change one’s life in an emergency.

I want to thank Teacher Lin and Teacher Wei for their compassion.
Tien Fa Tzai  China
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Flesh-eating bacteria and allergies
Three years ago, when I visited Egypt, I contracted a disease caused by flesh-eating bacteria. Since it was not diagnosed early enough, ulcerations spread all over my legs and it eroded through the muscles to the bones. Rheumatoid arthritis and hepatitis B made the situation worse. I was confined in the hospital for a month. The side effects of medication damaged my kidneys. I lost 22 pounds along with most of my hair. My relatives and friends were very sad. I was like a walking zombie.

I did not recover from the surgery. The surgical wounds in my legs did not heal for more than one year, with constant discharge. When I visited the United States of America, the infection relapsed. My legs were swollen like an elephant’s. I was sent to the emergency room and the doctor removed the necrotic muscle and bone tissue. I went back to England on crutches. I was handicapped.

I went back to Taiwan. Mr. Yu, a student of Longevitology, recommended Longevitology to my daughter and me. Later, I became
lazy and stopped practicing it. Good karma overturned my fate - Longevitology followed me to England. Mr. Yu took a position in England and requested teacher Lin and teacher Wei to teach in England. At that time, I realized that my life was in danger. To save my life, my English husband joined me and took the classes.

Longevitology was very useful. People who have studied Longevitology would agree with me. After I finished the classes, we organized a group of participants to practice it and to exchange experiences twice a week regularly. Due to diligent practice, my damaged kidneys recovered. The color of the wounds on my legs gradually returned to normal. New muscle tissue grew. Nerves recovered and I regained sensation in my legs. Best of all, my hair grew back.

Teacher Lin and teacher Wei came back to England again in May 2006 for more classes. At that time, my blood test indicated that the rheumatoid arthritis had cleared up. X-rays revealed that the deformity of my bones had arrested. Rather than seeing me routinely every two to three months, my doctor instead advised me to see him only if I had unbearable pain.

My husband’s intention to learn Longevitology was to save me. After practicing Longevitology, his allergies to pollen were greatly improved. He had suffered allergic reactions since the age of six and often needed medicine to control it. Even acupuncture failed to help him. Surprisingly, Longevitology worked on him. He did not even sneeze once when pollen swept through England in May this year.

He was very thankful. To express his gratitude, he asked me to invite teacher Lin and teacher Wei to have tea and to chat after classes. We want to help others with Longevitology to pay back what the teachers have done for us.
Ms. Chen  England
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Arthritic pain and muscle dystrophy
My wife and I attended the Longevitology class in May, 2013. My wife's arthritic pain was totally cured during the class adjustment training which was received from other class members. It is really amazing because my wife had never taken any medicines or used any medical equipment before the adjustment. Now the arthritic pain is gone.

I have had muscle dystrophy for many years. Both my hands and legs have no muscle and feel cold all the time. It’s hard for me to stand well and I sometimes fall while walking. After taking the class and 6 months Longevitology practice, circulation improved a lot. Now I am able to stand and walk much better than before. Both my hands and legs feel warmer now. It is really amazing.

I would like to say thank you to Dr. Lin and Teacher Lin. Both of you really light up my life. I will use what I learned from the class to assist other people who need help.
Jimmy Lai  USA
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Post-surgery pain
Three years ago, my mother was diagnosed with first stage lung cancer. Her doctor recommended surgery. In Toronto, we were very lucky to be able to take the beginning and intermediate Longevitology classes offered at that time. Teachers Lin and Wei personally helped my mother with Longevitology. They told her not to worry and that Longevitology would be able to relieve a lot of the pain from surgery.

Two days after we finished the classes, my mother had the surgery. The nurse told her to press the pain medication button to release medication only when the pain became unbearable.

The day after the surgery, everyone in my family applied Longevitology on my mother. It was a large surgical wound of more than 40 cm in length. Normally, it would hurt a lot, but my mother only used very little pain medication. The nurse thought that she did not know how to press the button to release pain medication. My mother told the nurse that her wound did not hurt that much. The nurse was surprised and later took the Longevitology classes.

It’s been ten years since my mother had the surgery. She was not on chemotherapy or any other cancer treatment. She is in good health with a better appetite.

The recovery of my mother strengthened our confidence in Longevitology. We are truly thankful for the teachers’ giving to the needy.
Betty Yung  Hong Kong
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Headache and dizziness
A month ago, I was connected with Longevitology. I had been suffering from headache, ringing in the ears, and dizziness for many years. I had tried pain medication, acupuncture and herb medicine. My friend introduced me the universal healing energy of Longevitology.

I was fortunate to meet Mr. and Mrs. Hsu Hwan Tsung. They helped me with the energy. In the beginning, I could not feel the difference. Once they came when I had a bad headache. They placed their hands on my temples. After 20 minutes, I clearly felt that the pain shifted to my forehead. Ten minutes after they put their hands on my forehead, the pain was reduced at least 80 percent and then shifted back to the temples. They kept their hands on my head until finally, my headache was gone. It was a miracle. This was my first experience that my headache was taken care of without medication.

I joined classes in October 2006 and gained more confidence. Now I can use what I learnt to help myself and others. I cherish this affinity I have with Longevitology and I would use it to help my family, my friends and other people.
Ms. Gu Dung May, Retired Prof  Taiwan
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Foot pain
I am a volunteer in the temple of a hospital. One day there came an old lady in wheel chair who wanted to worship Buddha. She told me that her problem started from a very minor sprain on her foot. Unfortunately, for the past ten months she went from one doctor to another and it was still getting worse. It had been almost one month since she was admitted to this hospital and there were no improvements. Her left foot was still swollen and painful.

I asked her if she would let me help her with Longevitology. She agreed. I knelt down and placed my hands on c7 and her foot. In twenty minutes, the swelling went down and she could move her toes freely. I continued the energy healing for another ten minutes. At that time, the swelling and pain had completely disappeared. The blood vessels on her foot became clearly visible. I asked her to take off the slipper on the good foot to compare both feet. It was evident that there was no more swelling on the left one.

She was really happy and thankful. She told me that for almost one year, doctors could not heal her. However, it was healed in only thirty some minutes with my touch.

I am very happy too. It gave me a sense of achievements. Longevitology is great. I am very thankful to both teacher Wei and teacher Lin.
Chang Baw Chu  Taiwan
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Liver cysts (tumors)
During the night of July 5th, 2007, I suddenly felt gas pressure in the abdomen and pain in the stomach. Doctor’s diagnoses indicated that there were cysts in my liver. The largest had a size of 15 centimeters, followed by 12 and 8.9 centimeters, distributed inside my liver.

Afterwards, I experienced difficulties in eating and loss of appetite, resulting in a sudden weight loss of sixteen pounds in three months. At that time, surgery posed a great danger due to my physical conditions, and there was no suitable medication to cure. There was not much the doctor could do.

Luckily, I had taken Longevitology lessons, my mom and sister both helped to conduct Longevitology every day after work. After a while, my energy was enhanced, and the gas swelling in my abdomen also decreased from the size of like a 5-month pregnant to only a slight bulge. My appetite also increased from being able to eat two soup spoons to one bowl of
food. My energy and physical strength could support me continue to work. In this period, we persistently practiced Longevitology, taking every opportunity outside the time of eating and sleeping.

In 2008, when I was in better physical conditions, my friends could not believe that I had such big cysts in my body. However, I knew that these cysts remaining in the livers were always like time bombs; thus, I should never stop practicing Longevitology in order to maintain energy in my body. Even so, my physical condition fluctuated, sometimes strong and sometimes weak.

In the spring of 2009, I had a minor flu, leading to swelling in the entire body. Thanks to the Longevitology volunteers who helped to restore my body to very good conditions. Nevertheless, in winter, sores in my mouth prevented me from eating, resulting in fifteen-pound weight loss, and I looked like just skin and bones. After I could eat again, discrete pain in my liver surfaced like never experienced before. We worked even harder in Longevitology curing.

At the end of February 2010, one day I felt quite good, and ate a little bit more than normal. Later I felt discomfort in the stomach, and strangely there was a bump. My guess was that maybe I ate too many different foods. Volunteers and my families especially enhanced the Longevitology curing since.

On April 5th, when my nephew took me upstairs on his back, the bump on my stomach rubbed on his back, and swelled to a size of 10 by 9 centimeters and 5 centimeters high with severe pain. Since that day, the skin of the bump turned red, feeling like pus pocket.

It was not until April 22nd, the scabs appeared. I was hospitalized due to the unbearable pain. Unexpectedly, after the CT scan, doctors told me that there were channels connecting the cysts in my livers to the pus pocket. I then realized that my Longevitology teacher Lin had mentioned: all tumors would eventually resolve through the skins. Doctor immediately took surgical procedures to drain the liquid, blood, and pus out of the pocket. Right away the pain caused by pressure in my swollen body disappeared. The whole process took about six days. Results of another CT scan verified that all my liver cysts had disappeared.

At the same time, I regained excellent appetite, having abundant chi inside me. Even my wrinkles on my face faded away. The wonderful Longevitology brought me back from near death. Now that I returned home, and rely on Longevitology to have a speedy recovery.

After experiencing all these positive responses, I then realized that all my ailments in the past such as asthma, nasal congestion, fast heart beat, hypertension, low blood pressure, and scales on the skin all disappeared. After this episode, I felt deeply indebted to Longevitology and teacher’s kind savior spirit, letting the students find back our own health and longevity.
Szusin Chen  USA
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Post lung cancer surgery
I have studied Longevitology for eleven months. I had rectal cancer. Three years after surgery, it metastasized to my lung. After lung surgery, I was under the care of Longevitology. A friend of mine, Mr. Liu, recommended it to me. He is eighty-seven-years old now, and has studied Longevitology for ten years. I started going to the healing center for help. Later, I took the classes. I felt very good physically after each healing session. My gray hair started turning black and my blood pressure was stabilized. I am not on medication because Longevitology has improved my immune system. Longevitology has helped me both physically and mentally. I feel that Longevitology has contributed to my health tremendously.
Mr. Yu  Taiwan
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Helping others
Friends of my husband introduced me to Longevitology. I did not notice anything different except feeling a stream of white light flowing into my body while I was having my chakras opened. I fell in love with Longevitology because I could help those who were suffering. I have a few testimonies.

Case 1: A sixty-year-old lady with stiff fingers often breaking dishes when she is washing them. She felt herself useless and became depressed. Her doctor told her that surgery might benefit her. She came to the healing center in fear and doubts. I performed healing on her on c4, c5, c6 and c7. I also performed healing on her shoulders and all her fingers. After a month, her fingers loosened up and she could handle housework again. Her family members told us that Longevitology had lightened up her life. Now she is a volunteer at the healing center.

Case 2: A forty-eight-year-old woman with hormonal imbalance and depression. I comforted her and performed healing on all
her chakras. Her condition improved in a week. Now she is fully recovered from her hormonal imbalance.

Case 3: A two-month-old baby boy had a high fever and constipation. After ten minutes’ healing on c2 and c3, he started sweating and his temperature came down. The next day, he eliminated. When I performed healing on him, he cried a little and fell asleep.

Gilanka in Malaysia has a large Chinese population. Any news, good or bad spread easily. Our healing center is crowded every day. People come an hour earlier to line up for their turn. The healing center has become my second home.
Ms. Chiang  Malaysia
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It was very hot and humid on June 19th last year. I thought a thunderstorm was coming. I hurried to finish the yard work before the thunderstorm. Right before twelve at noon, it became very hot. I went back to the house, opened a bottle of ice-cold beer and drank it all. Then I went back to finish the yard work. Toni came home at 1pm. I realized that it was time for the kids to come home for lunch. I stopped the yard work and went back to the house again and drank a cup of iced tea.

When I turned around to wash the salad, I suddenly felt dizzy and weak. My hands and feet became hot and then turned cold
again. Immediately I placed my hands on c7 and my heart. Still, I was gradually losing consciousness. My hands were dropping down. I could no longer move my hands up to the chakra area.

At this time, Amanda came home. By then, I had gradually lost most of my hearing. Toni pulled a chair and called Amanda over. Luckily, I could still talk. “Toni, help Mommy on c7 and the back of my head. Amanda, help Mommy on my heart and c4.” I collapsed in the chair.

In a very short time, I felt warmth coming from the back of my head. That lessened my dizziness. My heart gradually resumed its normal beating. Later, they asked me to lie on bed and rest. During that time, Amanda kept her hands on my heart and c7.

I was lucky that Toni and Amanda came home right at the time I needed help. Both of them took Longevitology classes. From this experience, I become more confident in Longevitology, Toni, and Amanda.
Ms. Jien  Germany
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Hyperactivity and snake bite
This happened when we went to Korea on a tour.

We heard a very loud noise in the middle of a gathering while everyone was chatting and laughing. A lady fell down from a chair.

“Wake up! Wake up!”
“Who has Fong oil?” (The scent of the oil can help people in such an emergency.)
But we were in Korea and there was no Fong oil. People were in shock and did not know what to do.

My wife and I walked to the husband of the lady and asked his permission to let us help her. We performed Longevitology on
her c5, c6, c7 and her heart. She gradually regained her consciousness and threw up. Later we got into a bus and we kept our hands on her chakras until she felt better. While we were healing her in the bus, she threw up twice. I was happy that I could help someone in an emergency.

In the healing center in Fu-Ron, I helped a hyperactive boy. At first, he could not sit still. Later, he could sit still for me. He stopped taking medications due to his improvement. He had never been able to care for himself. After being helped by Longevitology for a period of time, he was able to put on his pants by himself. His bowel movements increased from three times a week to once per day. His conditions continued to improve.

My wife has a relative who is mentally impaired due to a high fever she had when she was a child. She was bitten on her ankle when we were in Singapore taking advanced classes. Her leg swelled to the size of an elephant’s. Her doctor treated her with oral medication along with injections. There was no improvement. Three days later, her doctor advised her to be hospitalized.  Since she was mentally impaired, her family had a concern that she would not be able to cooperate with the doctor and nurses. We were shocked when we saw her. Her leg was too swollen for her to walk. My wife immediately applied Longevitology on her c6 and c7. We also applied Longevitology on her leg at a distance without touching it. Yellowish discharge started to drain from her leg. It kept draining on the second day during the healing process. The discharge turned white on the third day. Her leg recovered with only two little holes left by the wound. It looked like a snake bite.

I truly appreciate Longevitology that teacher Lin and teacher Wei taught us. Were it not for them, I would not be able to help others.
Mr. Fong  Malaysia
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Being empowered
I was introduced to Longetivology in 2001. In 2004, I completed the advanced classes. Since then, I have done thousands of adjustments on hundreds of people. The results have been amazing. So many people have benefited from adjustments. Several people had suffered for many, many years and were completely better after several adjustments. Arthritis and chronic back pain were removed from subjects, some after 2 or 3 adjustments. I had the chance to perform adjustments in May 2010 in Los Angeles. I look forward to doing it again next time classes start. Thank you so much for teaching this incredible ability. I have not been sick in 9 years!!.
Russ Gothrick  USA
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Views on Longevitology
It was teacher Lin and teacher Wei’s great vow and persistence that rooted Longevitology deeply in Taiwan, where it grew and became well recognized. Then they reached out and spread the seeds of their love overseas. The first time I went along with them, we were in Malaysia for seventeen days. I realized that it was not just their caring thoughts that mattered. They had put their compassion into action. Shakespeare once said, “Love is not an oral promise, but an action.” Love needs to be put into practice. It needs to reach out. Love can overcome distance. As long as we are willing to give, all hardships will turn into sweet

The team of Longevitologists, spreading seeds of love, worked under the scorching sun. The enthusiasm of local participants touched our hearts. Giving and receiving were in such harmony. This made the effect of healing amazing like miracles. We could see participants’ smiles while we were performing healing on them. We saw hope and gratitude on their faces. It was as if they had found reliable supports.

Love is like a candle lighting up the darkness of our lives. Love is like the morning dew that enhances the beauty and vitality of flowers. Love is mutual. Love is a cycle of giving and receiving. The seeds we sow will someday bloom and come to fruition. As long as we sow seeds of love, there will be more moving stories and results.

It is a blessing to love. It is wisdom to realize its preciousness. The trip to Malaysia touched me. It taught me to be thankful. It also made me understand the mission and expectations of Longevitology.
Ms. Kuo, Chairman of Service Dept  Taiwan
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Being one's own physician
It was in July of 2004 that I heard of Longevitology from Dr. Wong Fong Ying, M.D. Later, I took the classes. As long as you have patience and perseverance in meditation and practice, you will definitely be benefited. Longevitology is like a doctor with you at all times. It will improve your health without you knowing it.

Some day you will realize that your hands and feet are no longer cold. You don’t need to put an extra blanket on top of your comforter in the winter.

Some day you will realize that the medication you take for stomach problem has been forgotten. You are used to using this convenient, practical doctor instead.

Some day you suddenly realize that you don’t get tired easily. You no longer feel that you did not have enough sleep. After meditation for a minute or two, you are no longer tired.

Some day you will find that you become more patient. You do not lose your temper easily.

Some day you will find that you can relieve the pain for your folks, friends and colleagues. You will have a concern that your colleagues do not trust the physician that follows you everywhere. Until you are finally brave enough to help the colleague who sprained her back. In a few minutes, her pain is relieved and she can walk again. Your heart is filled with joy. You become confident and start helping more people.

By now, nine of my colleagues have already participated in the beginning and the intermediate Longevitology classes. They study diligently and have already made plans to help others.

Some day, your family doctor will tell you that you are very healthy. Your blood tests and blood pressure become normal.
These are not my dreams; these are my experiences.
Ku Hong Shia  Germany
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Saving a pet
After I learned Longevitology, I often mention to my colleagues how mysterious this energy was. Finally one day, the fish we had in our office became ill. A colleague told me, “Today you can show us the mysterious energy.” I said to myself, “I just learnt it a month ago. But, teacher Lin told us not to doubt ourselves. Confidence is energy.” I took a chair and sat in front of the fish bowl with both hands touching the glass. In about twenty minutes, the fish started to wave its tail and moved toward my hands. After an hour and half, it suddenly sprang up and regained vitality in the fish bowl. This was incredible.

My husband had not been able to work due to health problems. After he had his chakras opened and received the healing energy, his health improved. He went back to work again. I am very thankful. I hope that there will be more people to join us as volunteers to help others.
Liou Ling Chen  Malaysia
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Kidney stones and filial piety
A few years ago, upon request, teacher Lin and teacher Wei started offering classes of Lonevitology in Vancouver. It was my honor to host them during their stay in Vancouver. I admired and respected them highly for their giving and love. They were tolerant. It was easy for us to get along with them. They made us feel as if we were a family. We were reluctant to let them leave after the classes ended.

One day we took them to watch salmon returning from ocean to the river where they were born, to lay eggs. This happens once every four years. For salmon, it was a hardship to swim against the river flow for a very long distance. Many of them were wounded, exhausted, and dying on the beach. The entire river was crowded with salmon. Tourists came just to watch this event. When teacher Lin saw the salmon suffering, she reached out with her hands to apply Longevitology to those dying. She stood there silently among a crowd of Caucasians passing her with a strange look at her. That did not bother Teacher Lin. I was touched. She cared enough to save even salmons, not to mention people.

Last year, my kidney problem flared up (kidney stones). It started with lower back pain. My wife applied Longevitology on me. I also lay one hand on c7 and the other hand on the affected area until I fell asleep. A few days later, I passed a stone of 0.9 cm in diameter with sharp edges. I brought it to the doctor. The doctor said, “Wow! I can only say that you have a great tolerance of pain.” Actually, during the entire process, I experienced only soreness rather than pain. This was all because of Longevitology. A few months ago, I passed again another smaller stone. I was surprised. I did not even know that I still had stone in my kidney.

Longevitology’s energy can make incredible things happen. All of us should reach out with our hands to bring out the love and energy. Don’t doubt it.

My mother passed away two years ago at age 84. She had suffered from a heart condition. She was weak with sleeping problems. She felt that her time was running out and prepared clothes for her own funeral. I often helped her with Longevitology when she was in her wheel chair or in bed. She would watch me with a smile. Sometimes she touched my face
or patted my knees. I was like a baby to her. Quite a few times, she fell asleep on me. This was a scene of an 80 some years old mother falling asleep on her fifty some years old son.

It was a scene of love. Longevitology gives us an opportunity to touch and to show our love and care toward our loved ones. My mother knew that I loved her very much. When my father was dying, I had not learned Longevitology. I did not know how to show the love I had toward him.

After my mother passed away, the memory of healing her with Longevitoly often came to my mind. While I was healing her,
she might be thinking “this man I brought up is telling me how much he loves me with his hands.”

I am very thankful to Longevitology, especially to teacher Lin and teacher Wei. I would also like to say to all the volunteers, “My sincere respect goes to you for your giving to others.”
Dr. Chen, MD  Taiwan
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