answers on Longevitology Practice

1. What is Longevitology?
Longevitology (长生学 pronounce as "Chang Shen Xue" in Chinese and translates to "the study of long life") is one of several
healing modalities that is simple and ease to learn and use.  When one's chakras are opened, one can channel the universal energy to own or other body so that the universal energy can adjust or restore the body’s energy balance to improve the body's ability to heal itself. Not only is this modern day technique easy to learn and use with no side-effects, it benefits the practitioners' physical body, as well as mentally and spiritually.

Longevitology teachers, Tzu-Chen Lin, and Yu-Feng Wei, have greatly refined this ancient healing method since 1993. They believe that anyone, even the ill or elderly, can use this method to improve their body’s ability to heal itself and help others to do the same. Teachers Lin and Wei travel around the world to teach the classes for free of charge and mandate that the practitioners should adjust people for free of charge too.
2. How do Longevitology adjustment work?
Longevitology uses universal energy to adjust or restore the body’s energy balance to improve the body's ability to heal itself. This method is based on the principles of eastern medicine: When the body has poor blood circulation and its energy (called “chi” in Chinese) becomes stagnant, the body feels discomfort or pain, or suffers from illnesses. However, if chi proper flow is restored, the body can heal itself more easily.

Longevitology teachers, Master Tzu-Chen Lin and Yu-Feng Wei, open the students' chakras to receive the universal energy during classes. With the opened chakras, we can use our hands to channel universal energy which enters through our chakras into our own body (self adjustment) or the chakras of other's body (adjust others).  This process of channeling energy using hands is known as adjustment. Each chakra governs a different body system. Just as a healthy body draws oxygen to the lungs, the body draws in universal energy through neural plexes, called chakras, to reenergized itself.

For a variety of reasons physically and emotionally, a person’s chakras may become partially block or inefficient in drawing in or distributing the universal energy. Longevitology adjustment channels the universal energy directly into chakras to overcome this and restore energy flow throughout the body.
3. How do I join and learn Longevitology?
To learn Longevitology is to take classes. Click to see the upcoming class schedules.
To experience Longevitology is to visit the adjustment centers. Click to see the adjustment centers around the world.
4. What are the benefits of Longevitology adjustments?
Those who have received Longevitology energy adjustments have reported benefits such as
* an increased in calmness, energy and mental alertness,
* a reduction in stress level, pain, migraines and tension headaches,
* sped up of healing,
* shrunk tumors, and
* an overall improvement in quality of life. 

You can find out more by reading the testimonials on the website.

It is important to note that Longevitology does not cure or treat any diseases and is not a substitution for regular medical care. However, by restoring the body’s energy balance, it may promote the body’s ability to heal itself.
5. Will Longevitology adjustments conflict with my current medical treatment?
Nobody has reported a negative interaction between their medical treatment protocols and Longevitology adjustments. When Longevitology is used to supplement--not replace--existing medical treatment, it can speed up recovery time, reduce pain, lessen the side-effects of medication or etc.
6. What happens during Longevitology energy adjustment?
Firstly, Longevitology adjustment must be requested by the patient (person being adjusted) or their guardians.  Energy adjustment is never given without a person’s consent.

During an adjustment, patient can choose to sit upright or lie down. The practitioner then asks the patient to indicate the area of discomfort. The practitioner will begin by placing his/her hands naturally and gently on or above the discomfort area or/and the appropriate chakras on the patient's body for at least 15 minutes. The practitioner's hand placement and adjustment time may vary according to the patient's health condition. Adjustments work even through clothing, so direct skin contact is not required. In fact, a trained Longevitology practitioner can channel 'chi' at a distance, without directly touching the body. 

Both patient and practitioner should close their eyes to receive maximum benefits during the adjustment period. More than one practitioner may adjust a person at the same time. While a single adjustment can bring relief, often repeated adjustments are needed for full benefit.

Please note that Longevitology practitioners are not medical professionals and do not diagnose or treat any diseases, injuries, or illnesses.
7. What does it feel like to receive a Longevitology energy adjustment?
People have reported a wide range of physical sensations while their energy is being adjusted. Some of the common sensations, where the hands are placed, includes warmth, cold or dampness which may be accompanied by tingling, prickling, mild vibration, or flashes of heat.  Some sensitive people report becoming hyper-aware of certain places in their body, such as their spine may be attempting to realign itself as energy flows through it. These sensations may not be comfortable while the adjustment is occurring, but they disappear when the adjustment is completed. Some people feel nothing during an adjustment and this is normal too. At the completion of an adjustment, most people reported feeling either relaxed, calm or energized.
8. How do I know I am receiving an energy adjustment from a trained Longevitology practitioner?
You can ask them to produce their Longevitology student identification card, which will list the dates of their trainings. Students who have completed the intermediate class will have a paper card. Students who have completed the advanced class are given a laminated photo-ID card with their student number, name, and the course completion date.

All student identification cards display the Longevitology logo—a heart enclosed by two hands—as seen on this website.
9. Is there any restrictions for Longevitology adjustments?
There is no restriction.  Adjustments can be done at any time and any place, even after a surgery. Adjustments will work through clothing, so direct skin contact is not required. In fact, a trained Longevitology practitioner can channel chi at a distance, without directly touching the body.  A true Longevitology adjustment does not involve massage therapy, manipulation of limbs, or stimulation with needles, electricity or moxibustion.
10. Does Longevitology cure or treat cancer or serious illnesses?
Longevitology practitioners do not claim that the energy adjustments will cure or treat any disease, nor are they a substitution for regular medical care. When Longevitology is used to supplement existing medical treatment, it can speed up recovery time, reduce pain, lessen the side-effects of medication or etc. By restoring the body’s energy balance, the adjustments can promote the body’s ability to heal itself.
11. Do you use all chakras?
While there are chakras on both the front and back of the body, usually the back chakras are used. Please note that Chakra 1, also known as the root chakra, which locates in the intimate area of the perineum, is never used in a Longevitology adjustment.

answers on Classes

1. Who should I contact for questions about class detail, registration, cancelation, and etc.?
The local organizers are in-charge of registration and answering any class specific questions that you may have. Please contact the organizer of the class that you are interested in.
2. What is taught in classes?
You learn how to do Longevitology adjustments through taking classes.  Courses are taught in Mandarin and are free of charge.  English translations are available. There are 3 levels of classes: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  Click to find the details of each classes offered.
3. What are the upcoming class schedules and locations?
Please click to see the upcoming classes which are offered worldwide.
4. Are the classes free?
There is no cost to attend classes.  However, donation is appreciated to cover the headsets for translation, classroom rental, teachers’ traveling expenses and etc.
5. Are there any prerequisites to taking the classes?
There is no prerequisite required to take the Beginner class.  In order to take Intermediate class, one has to complete the beginner class.  Besides completing the Beginner and Intermediate classes, advanced class candidateneeds to fulfill additional requirements. 
Please contact the organizers of the class for more details.
6. Do I need to pre-register for classes?
Yes, you need to pre-register and registration is first come first serve. Please contact the organizers of the class for more details.
7. Can I volunteer for classes?
Yes. If you have taken Beginner class, then you can volunteer in both Beginner and Intermediate classes.  However, you can only volunteer in Advanced class if and only if you have completed the Advanced class.
8. Can I request for Teacher Lin and Teacher Wei to teach classes in my area?
Yes, you can.  Generally, when you request for class to be conducted in your area, you are volunteering to be the organizer of the event.  If you are willing to take up the responsibility, please use WhatsApp, WeChat or LINE to contact Teacher Wei at +886-93-788-8888 or Teacher Lin at +1-626-623-2689.

answers on Adjustment Centers

1. Who should I contact for questions on the center operating hours, location, and etc.?
Each adjustment center is maintained and functioned independently. Please contact the person-in-charge of the adjustment center directly for any center related questions.
2. What are adjustment centers?
Adjustment centers can be a rented room in a temple or a church, an activity hall or someone’s home.  It is a location where Longevitology practitioners gather to offer adjustments to anyone who needs it.
3. I have some health issues.  Can I go to the center to be adjusted?
Of course, you can.  Check out the list of adjustment centers worldwide.
4. Do I need to bring anything or make appointment to visit the adjustment center?
You don’t need to bring anything to the adjustment center.  Just wear comfortable clothing and bring drinking water to the center.

It is recommended to contact the person-in-charge of the adjustment center to inform them of your coming.  Due to unforeseen problems, on some days, the centers may be unavailable or Longevitology practitioners maybe unable to attend.
5. Can I bring friends or family members along?
Please feel free to bring along friends or family members . They are welcome to observe or experience a Longevitology adjustment.
6. Is it free of charge to be adjusted at the center?
Yes, it is free.  Donation is neither required nor accepted at the center.  Longevitology practitioners are all volunteers who perform energy adjustments for people out of free-will and seeking no compensation, including, and not limited to, monetary, goods or services. This is the goal of Longevitology.
7. How can I volunteer at adjustment centers?
As long as you have taken at least the beginner class, you can start adjusting others at the centers, home, or anywhere.

answers on Longevitology Practitioners

1. Do Longevitology practitioners have any medical training or background?
Longevitology practitioners are not medical professionals and do not diagnose or treat any disease, injury, or illness. Longevitology energy adjustments should not be used as a substitute for appropriate medical care. Longevitology practitioners channel energy through their hands of which the placement of their hands is dependent on their training from attending classes.
2. Why do Longevitology practitioners give adjustments to others?
Some Longevitology practitioners use their skills to help themselves, family members, and friends. Other Longevitology practitioners are willing to volunteer to give energy adjustments to people outside their circle of families and friends. They regard it as an
opportunity to give back to their communities, maintain the opening of their chakras, polish their adjustment skills, improve their health, and grow mentally and spiritually. By giving to another person without expectation of personal gain is a great way for a person to give and experience unconditional love.
3. How do Longevitology practitioners know how to adjust people?
Longevitology practitioners learn how to adjust people by taking classes where the technique of adjusting is taught.  Click to see to see a list of class schedules.
4. I have learned Longevitology. Can you tell me how to adjust for certain health aliments?
If you have questions about adjusting certain health aliments and you know how to type in Chinese, please use WhatsApp, WeChat or LINE to contact TeacherWei at +886-93-788-8888 or Teacher Lin at +1-626-623-2689.  Because both teachers often travel to different countries to teach classes, please give them a few days to reply. Otherwise, please consult the organizer of the class or the person-in-charge of adjustment center in your local area for suggestions.

answers on Longevitology Organization

1. What is the history of Longevitology organization?
2. Is Longevitology affiliated with any religious, fraternal, political, commercial or other organization?
No. Longevitology is a non-profit organization which has no affiliation with any religion, spiritual, educational, government, commercial, medical, or political group in the world.

Longevitology does not promote products for sale. Please contact us if you notice any suspicious websites using Longevitology name to promote products or activities.

Longevitology teachers encourage Longevitology students to perform good deeds wherever possible and use their Longevitology skills to help others with an open mind and expecting no returns.