Using Hands to Benefit 
Our Bodies, Minds, and Souls

A simple, natural health alternative using universal energy flow.

About longevitology

 Established in 1993 and practiced worldwide.
Saving lives with compassion.
To train volunteers to extend their loving hands to help others who are ill, in pain, or in distress using Longevitology energy adjustments.
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When our chakras are opened, our hands can be used to channel universal energy into our own or other's body. By restoring the energy balance in the body, Longevitology improves the body's ability to heal itself.
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Longevitology is not a business and has no affiliation with religious, medical, political, or other groups in the world. Co-founders Teachers Lin and Wei, have been teaching this practice worldwide since 1993.
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Volunteers' real-life experiences.
Dr. Chen, MD  Taiwan
...I passed a stone of 0.9cm in diameter with sharp edges...
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Szusin Chen  USA
...CT scan verified that all my liver cysts had disappeared...
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Mr. Ku  Germany
...Longevitology is like a doctor with you at all times...
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Ms. Gu, retired prof  Taiwan headache was taken care of without medication...
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Mrs. Chen  England
...He did not even sneeze once when pollen swept through England in May...
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Russ Gothrick  USA
...introduced to Longetivology in 2001...many people have benefited from adjustments...
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Tien Fa Tzai  China
...I got a stroke. My colleague adjusted me...When I got up the next morning, I could move freely...
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Longevitology Center in Fremont, California

Experiences of volunteers and those who have benefited from the practice.

2018.10.21-25 San Jose Advanced Class Photos and Sharing Videos.

Adjustment Centers

Visit a center to improve your health or alleviate your aliments.
Come and experience the benefits of Longevitology! Donations are neither required nor accepted at the center. Read more here: FAQs on adjustment centers.

Click on the country below to find the closest center to you.  
Learn more about Longevitology


Learn Longevitology adjustment techniques.
To become a Longvitology practitioner, one has to take classes. Courses are taught in Mandarin and are free of charge.  English language translations are available.  Read more here: FAQs on Classes.

For any questions pertaining to class registration, cancellation, etc. of an area, please contact the local organizers of that area as listed within the classes below.
In the Beginner class, students' chakras will be opened by 30%. Lectures on the theory, techniques, and ethics of Longevitology will be taught, including the mindfulness meditation technique.  After this class, students can adjust themselves.

Each beginner session lasts 10-12 hours and is held in the evenings and weekend over a three-day period. Though there is no cost to attend these classes, pre-registration is required on first come first serve basis.

Click to see Beginner class schedules and locations.
During the Intermediate class, students' chakras will be re-opened and the energy level is increased by another 30%. Students will learn how to use various hand positions to perform specific adjustments depending on various illness and health challenges. Students can start adjusting others after this class.

Each intermediate session is 10-12 hours and held in the evenings and weekend over a three-day period. Though there is no cost to attend these classes, pre-registration is required on first come first serve basis.

Click to see Intermediate class schedules and locations.
In the Advanced class, students' chakras will be fully opened and their energy levels will increase. Students will learn advanced healing techniques such as how to perform distant healing over the phone and adjustments for serious illnesss.

This class is 15-18 hours and held in the evenings and weekend over a five-day period. Advanced class candidates should have completed the intermediate class for more than 2 months, fulfilled a certain number of adjustment hours, and written an essay on their sentiments about their Longevitology experiences

For registration, prerequisite requirements, or questions, please contact the local class organizer in the Advanced class schedules and locations.

Volunteer work

Longevitology does not require its students to volunteer.
Volunteer opportunities are open to Longevitology practitioners. As the nature of the volunteer work is specific to each adjustment or class center, please directly contact the adjustment or class center closest to you for any volunteering questions.

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